Trivialisation of life

It is surprisingly easy to take a gift for granted, to squander it without realising its true value. What is the meaning of life? Although Douglas Adams explores this in most wondrous detail, the humorous answer isn’t particularly helpful on this occasion. Even the definition of life: “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from […]

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What to say

Words fail me and yet I want to write; An essay wants to form, but the ideas are blank. The pen hovers willingly above the page; Poised to take down the unforming. Perhaps the brain is just too confused; Unclear on what it wants to utter. What, in fact, is actually noteworthy? How does something […]

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The one thing that has stretched its tendrils across a widening void is this simple letter. It means a lot to you and me. It wonderfully encompasses hours and hours of our time. It’s a communicative code spanning the days of repeating enjoyment. But “T” stands for many other things. Thoughts: Currently an impasse of […]

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Looking down the well

For a long time now, friend, I realise I’ve been looking down from the top of your well, wishing that you’d be able to find the rope that I believe is there. And although I still think it is, I don’t believe you have the ability to find it on your own. The next step […]

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We travel across the plane that lies before us. Picking our paths, placing one foot in front of the other. Most steps are safe but some bare destruction. Explosions go off in all directions as gradually we fall. The scars and injuries build as the journey continues. Some have many scars while some have few. […]

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Events Unfold

I see the events unfold from the safety of my lazy position on the beach. It catches me by surprise. But rather than let it be and stay away from the turmoil developing, I want to be there: I want to help. My friends are in the water. And I need to do anything I […]

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The Day It Went Too Far

The cat is still following me. It has been for the past few days now. It keeps trying to lick the blood off its paws but although it has dried, it won’t go away. The blood lingers; reminding the cat of the day it went too far. Some who see the cat don’t notice the […]

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